Far Stars Campaign Final System Master

Master System Tracking Chart
System Name Controlling Empire Value Terrain Fixed Defenses Fleet FCR Check Fleet FCR Check Encounters/Notes
FED Homeworld Feds 150   BSF+(LWO), PAM, HFM (6 F111M), LCD, MCD, 5 DefSat, 2 GBDP [2 MCD mothballed] Andorian YNC, F-AL(p, 2 SDS2) Omaha (carrying 16 F18 as cargo), F-L Acura BS(32); 2 SGB(-2), 5 DEFSAT(-5), 6 F111(-3), And. YNC (-9), F-AL(-6), F-L(-7), 0 left.     Encounter: Orion Squadron: BC Hammerstrike (4x Phot), BR Darkdueler (3x Phot, 2x Drn-B), DWS Dubya's Fury (+1 SpecSen).  (OPEN). All units have Cloak, OAKDISC.
Alpha Centauri Feds 50   BSF+, SCD, 2 GBDP DNH Unification, CLV+ Mississippi (6 F18B, 4 F18), FBE Smirnov DNH(42); BS(-8), 2 SGB(-2), CLV(-8), FBE(-6), 10 F18(-5), 13 left.      
Andor Feds 50   BSF+, SCD, 2 GBDP; Black Hole          
Ankrogea Feds 110   MB, 3 GBDP, GMG [CVAa+ Napoleon (12 F14A, 6 A20, 2 E2), NAC Soult, DEA Bernadotte, DEA Murat], NSC+ Calypso CVA(42); MB(-7), 4 SGB(-5), NAC(-9), 2 DEA(-12), NSC(-9), 0 left. All fighters crated.     CCp Ascendence(PT) 
Beta Stromgren Feds 50   2 GBDP   planet(12); 2 SGB(-2), 10 left.  Integrate with Carnivon (ISC) forces. YDN Lionslayer, YCA White Wolf, YCL Rapid Fury, YFF Howler    
Bova Feds 100 Asteroids BSF+, PAM, MCD, 2 GBDP; Asteroid Terrain   BS(32); 2 SGB(-2), 30 left.       
Bradbury Feds 90   2 GBDP CB (LC) Kongo, CL+ Alaska (LWO), TugSC+ Ptolemy (attack) CB(LC)(41); 2 SGB(-2), CL(-8), TugSC(-10), 21 left.      
Cobra Feds 150   2 GBDP POL+ Eastwood POL(12); 2 SGB(-2), 10 left.      
Cook Feds 180   BATSF+, PAM, 3 GBDP Orion MR, Orion DWV (8 ZV) BATS(36); 3 SGB(-3), MR(-9), DWV(-7), 8 ZV(-4), 13 left.      
Cornwall Feds 180   3 GBDP F-AL(p, 2 SDS2) Cleveland planet(12); 3 SGB(-3), F-AL(-6), 3 left.      
Douglass Feds 100   BATSF+, PAM, 2 GBDP, GMG CSa+ Nemesis, F-AS(p,SDS2) AMD, F-AS(p,SDS2) Intel BATS(36): 3 SGB(-3), CS(-10), 2 F-AS(-9), 14 left.      
Foster Feds 130 Dust Cloud BATSF+ (in-system trading), PAM, HFM (6 F111M),MCD, 2 GBDP, GMG - Dust Cloud Terrain F-OL Sony (in-system trading), F-OL Hitachi (in-system trading), F-S Flying Dutchman (in-system trading), F-S Kobiyashi Maru (in-system trading), F-S Labtec (in-system trading), F-AS(d) Edsel (SDS1) (in-system trading); F-ES Pontiac (in-system trading) BATS(-12); 3 SGB(-3), 6 F111(-3).  All unarmed freighters are out. Ground/orbital defense integrate with ISC squadron (DN, 2 CAT).  All freighters and ISC scout are out. DN Insufferable, CAT Protector, CAT Deliverance, HSC Awareness(LSO),FA-L Yuggoth's Watch, FA-L Abbith's Watch 42 (DN-, flagship), -10 (CAT), -11 (CAT), Federation forces fill out rest    
Galorndon Core Feds 70   HFC (12 F16, 6 A20FM), 2 GBDP, GMG, 3 DEFSAT (GPS crated/converting) F-S Bold Fortune(S-DT, carrying 12 A10 as cargo)  planet (12); 4 SGB(-5), 3 DEFSAT(-3), 6 A20(-3), 2 F16(-1), 0 left. F-S and 10 F16 are out.      
Gamma Hydra Feds 60   2 GBDP   planet(12); 2 SGB(-2), 10 left.      
Hemmingway Feds 100   3 GBDP, 5 DEFSAT (Plasma-F) DWV O'Grady (8 F18B), FBE Allam DWV(24); 3 SGB(-3), 5 DEFSAT(-5), FBE(-6), 8 F18(-4), 6 left.      
Hyurdju Feds 110     DNG Alliance, CB Coral Sea (LD), CSa+ Nike, GSC+ Discovery (LMM, 2 F18), NCLa+ Olympia (attack) DNG(42); [CB, CS, GSC](-32), NCL(-9), 2 F18(-1), 0 left. 41 (DNH Drangoon) -12 (CC+ Durredo) -8 (SC Dreamer) -9 (CW Gertrude) -7 (DWD Porcupine) -9 (CL+ Nablenter)  41 DNH Dragoon  CC+ duredo(-12) SC Dreamer(-8) CW Gertrude(-9) CL+ Nablenter(-9) + 6 possible hydran ftrs  
Maloney Feds 90   BSF+, PAM, SCD, 3 GBDP, GMG DDG+ Rahman, F-AS(p, SDS2, S-PT) Retail Trade, F-ES Boullion BS(32); 4 SGB(-5), DDG(-6), F-AS(-5), F-ES(-5), 11 left.      
Minxitith Feds 50     DNG Star Union, CSa+ Ajax, CLC Tacitus, NCLa+ Reliant(LE, LN), NCLa+ Renown, CVE+ Viking (4 F18B), DAR Oberon, DDG+ Jean Bart, SC+ DeGama (attack) DNG(42); [CLC, NCL, NCL(-27)], CVE(-8), DAR(-6), 2 F18B(-1), 0 left. CS, DDG, SC, 2 F18B are out. DNW Utshuo Reiuji (5xST-2, 2xST-H, ST-E) NSC+ (6 ST-2)One Eyed King LEngineer (6xST-2)
LE Extrordinary (1xST-T, 3xST-2, 2xST-H, ST-E)
  Encounter: Unusual: Wormhole
Niven Feds 170 Heat Zone 6 GBDP, GMG SC+ Hermes (warp malfunction-fixed), FFG Stand Watie SC(20); 7 SGB(-12), FFG(-5), 3 left.     Encounter: Andromedan: INF w/2x MAM, 2x COB, 1x TER. (AGGRESSIVE)
Python Feds 80   3 GBDP DNG Star League (OC), CB Constellation(LC), NCA De Ruyter (LWO), NCA Melbourne, CSa+ Atlas, CSa+ (LN) Prometheus, NSC+ Leonov, SC+ Crockett, FFG Shaw (attack) DNG(OC)(44); 3 SGB(-3), [CB(LC), NCA(LWO), CS(LN)(-32)], NSC(-9) 0 left. NCA, CS, SC, FFG are out. DNWb Warbeast, CALu Lioness,  IRQ(LWO) Headhunter(2ftr)  Selt CA Wind of Coming Dawn(LWO) (+2 CO) SPC+ Argus  F-AL(w/2xGBDP)  DNWb Warbeast FCR 43 CALu Lioness(-10)  IRQ(LWO) Headhunter(2ftr)(-12)  Selt CA Wind of Coming Dawn(LWO) (+2 CO)(-12) SPC+ Argus(-9)  
Rigel Feds 100   3 GBDP   planet(12); 3 SGB(-3), 9 left.     Encounter: Orion: 12x F-18 Fighters (AGGERSSIVE)
Shakespeare Feds 70   BATSF+, HFM (6 F111M), HPM, VipM, P-CC, GMG, MCD BCF Bismarck, OCA+ Theodoric, NCLa+ Repulse (LC), CMC+ Normandy, DD+ Alexander (attack) BCF(42); BATS(-12); SGB(-1), 6 F111(-3), OCA(-10), NCL(-9), DD(-6),1 left. CMC is out.    
Stasheff Feds 160   3 GBDP   planet(12); 3 SGB(-3), 9 left.      
Tolkein Feds 110   HFC (12 F15, 6 A20FM), 3 GBDP, GPS, GMG, 3 DEFSAT MON(Sup) Count de Monet MON(24); 6 SGB(-9), 3 DEFSAT(-3), 6 A20(-3), 12 F15(-9), 0 left.      
Trillius Feds 130   3 GBDP   planet(12); 3 SGB(-3), 9 left.      
Umbrella Feds 130   MB BTL+ Wolf, TugSC+ Halley, NCLa+ Prince of Wales, DDG(L)+ Skanderbeg, DDG+ Tecumseh, FFB Bryant, FBS Tensing, FFG Rickover, FFG Dayan BTL(41); MB(-7), [DDG(L), DDG, FBS(-18)], [FFB, 2 FFG(-16)], 0 left. TugSC and NCL are out.      
Vulcan Feds 50   BATSF+, PAM, HFM (6 F111), SCD, 2 GBDP, GMG [SCD mothballed]   BATS(36); 3 SGB(-3), 6 F111(-3).  30 left. CW Feldspar, CWS Sentry    
GORN Homeworld Gorn 150   BATS, PAM, VIP, Y170/175, 2x HBM, Large Shipyard, Large Shipyard, 5x DefSat, 5*GB P-IV, 2 PC;;   DNT BendenWeyr NOT in due to repairs DNT BendenWeyr, BATS(36), PAM,  Y170/175,  LCD,  5*GB P-IV(-5),        
Azure Gorn 90   BS          
Blood Gorn 90   BS CMV Victor w/12x G-18, BDA Scorcher, BDA Brutus BS(32), CMV Victor w/12x G-18(-14), BDA Scorcher(-7), BDA Brutus(-7)      
Blue Gorn 50   BS w/PAM, Y170/175, 3x P-C, 1x P-R, Small Shipyard, 2xGB P-IV, ( 6* G52, BHB, being mothballed/scrapped ) BFF Mercy Killer, BDS+ Shreiker, , DNT Raptor King(42), CCF Dragonicon(-12), CS Death Rider(-10), CM Selach(-10), HDS+ Sardith's Sword(-9) DNT Raptor King(42), CCF Dragonicon(-12), CS Death Rider(-10), CM Selach(-10),  BS(-8)w/PAM, Y170/175, 3x P-C, 1x P-R,  2*GBDP(-2)      
Corpusle Gorn 130   MB           
Crimson Gorn 130   BS LDR CW Carpet Shark, FF+ Wrathful Judge,   DDF Spine, SAS Winky, O-LR+ Black Beard,   BS(32), LDR CW Carpet Shark(-9),  DDF Spine(-6), SAS Winky(-4), O-LR+ Black Beard(-5), FF+ Wrathful Judge (-6)      
Eminiar-7 Gorn 110   BS (LC) w/PAM, VIP, Y170/Y175, 1xGWS, 1xGB P-IV, BHB, 4x DEF(-4), 4x G-52 CA+ Dragonsfire,  SAS Bulky Eyes;  CA+ Dragonsfire(32),  BS (LC) w/PAM, Y170/Y175 (-8),  Mon+SupP Facet (LE)(-10), SAS Bulky Eyes(-4) DN- Indomitable, CA Swiftsure, DWS Hawkeye(4xAF) 42 DN- (flagship), -10 (CA), -11 (Gorn Mon), -8 (Gorn BS), -3 (2xP-IV, 1xBHB ground bases), -3 (G52 HB),  -7 (DWS) F-AS Falco (Disr Armed, w/ P-CE)
Pale Gorn 140   BS (LE)         Encounter: Derelict: Paravian CW
Peach Gorn 70   BS (PAM, Y170/175), MCD, ( 2xHBM, 5xG-30 fighters; BEING MOTHBALLED ) DNF Dragon of Three Stars(42), HDF Egg Snatcher;;  CCH Desiricon (LC, LN)(41), BC Reptilicon(10), CS Death Tongue(10), MON+sup Shard(10),  F-QL Pluto, F-QS Mars,  F-L Curly, F-L Larry, F-S Moe DNF Dragon of Three Stars(42), BS (PAM, Y170/175)(-8), MCD,  CCH Desiricon (LC, LN)(12), BC Reptilicon(10), CS Death Tongue(10)      
Pearl Gorn 110     DNH King Ghidorah(42), CM Final Strike(-10), HDS+ Tempest(-9), CM Szurra(-11), BF Velociraptor(-12), MSC Pulse;;;                         DNT Nova Dragon (LC)(45), Orion CA+ Torp (4x Photon)(-11)-; LSC Prowler (LSO, LE);;                 O-BR Grim Reaper (IC,2xPhoton 2xDrnB),     DNT Nova Dragon (LC)(45), Orion BR Grim Reaper (IC,2xPhoton 2xDrnB)(-9), CM Final Strike(-10), Orion CA+ Torp (4x Photon)(-11), HDS+ Tempest(-10) ,  K5SB Questor(-5) = FCR 45 total      
Perrywinkle Gorn 140   BATS (Y170/175), 2xGB P-IV Jindarian CA Rock(32) ( needs 2 turns to complete repairs, done on T20), 6x Jindo Met-HB2( -6 ), CVL Rock's Aces(-8),  6x Meteor-2(-3), DDE Aces Guard(-6), FFE Side Rock(-5), F5BK Brave(-6); SPC+ Radiant BATS(170/175)(36), 2 GBDP(-2), Jin CA Rock(LC)(-10)(6 Met HB2(-6), SPC+ Radiant(-9),F5BK Brave(-5) NTGu (w/P-B) Bulwark, DWLbup (LE) Deathdealer, DWbup+ Savage Fangs, CVp+ (LWO) Red Claw Glory, 12xZ-2 (I-M drones), FFAp+ Red Claw Guardian, FFAp+ Red Claw Warrantor to Perrywinkle NTGu (w/P-B) Bulwark FCR 43 DWLbup (LE) Deathdealer(-9) DWbup+ Savage Fangs(-7) CVp+ (LWO) Red Claw Glory, 12xZ-2 (I-M drones), FFAp+ Red Claw Guardian, FFAp+ Red Claw Warrantor(-26) total 42  
Red Gorn 50   BS w/PAM, VIP, Y170/175 3x P-C, 1x P-R, Small Shipyard, 2xGB P-IV CS Death Lizzard,  ODW Enchantress (2x SpecSen, 1x Drn-A), F-ES Kindred Spirit; F-ES Rambler, F-ES Roamer, F-ES Space Bound, MON+ w/support Red Lizzard, Trobrin CA Prize  CS Death Lizzard(32), BS w/PAM, VIP, Y170/175 3x P-C, 1x P-R(-8), SCD, 2xGB P-IV(-2), Trobrin CA Prize(-10),  ODWS Enchantress (2x SpecSen, 1x Drn-A)(-7), F-ES Kindred Spirit(-4) = 31 FCR total      
Rocky Gorn 120   BS          
Rose Gorn 120   BS, 2xGB P-IV MON+ SupP Tricon BS(32), 2xGB P-IV(-2),  MON+ w/Sup Tricon(-10)      
Salmon Gorn 30     HDS+ Lidless Eye(9), CCF Vipericon(12), CLD+ Spellsinger(8), CV Archeopteryx, 12x G-18, CLE Dragonscale, BDA Jawbreaker; F-QL Venus, F-QL Pluto, F-QS Mars,  F-L Curly, F-L Larry, F-S Moe CCF Vipericon(38),  CV Archeopteryx, 12x G-18(-14), CLE Dragonscale(-8), BDA Jawbreaker(-7); CLD Spellsinger (-8),   DNbupm Thunderscream(43) w 1 int(-1) NCAu White Knight(-10) NBT Gallant Endeavour(-12) CWSb+(+2 CO LSO) eye of the duke (-9) Paravian DW Eaglecat(-7) to planet between Plum and Pearl  DNbupm Thunderscream(43) w 1 int(-1) NCAu White Knight(-10) NBT Gallant Endeavour(-12) CWSb+(+2 CO LSO) eye of the duke (-9) Paravian DW Eaglecat(-7) to planet between Plum and Pearl  
Tcell Gorn 150 Heat Zone            
White Gorn 50   BS, 3x P-C, 1x P-R, Medium Shipyard, 2xGB P-IV, HBB  O-BR Pirate's Revenge(3x Phtn, 2x Drn-B-massive damage),  FS Lugger and FS Bootlegger,  CM ScythingTail (LWO) damaged,  DNCF First Strike, MCC Prince Allurian, BDD+ Wyrn, BDV Talex(3*G18), BDA Thecos,  Trobrin CA Prize, CM Death Wish,   DNCF(42), BS(3*PC, PR)(-8), MCD, 2*GBDP(-2),  MCC(-12), CM Death Wish(-10),  Trobrin CA Prize(-10)     Encounter: Terrain: Ion Storm
ISC Homeworld ISC 150   BATS Bastion (all refits) w/HPM, 2x HBM; 12x AF fighters; 5x DefSat; LSY & MSY CA Law Giver, CL Firebird  36 (BATS, flag), -10 (CA), 8 (CL), 5 (DefSat), -6 (12 AF)      
Abbith ISC 200 Dust Cloud BATS Citadel (all refits)  w/PAM, 2xHBM; 12x AF fighters, SSY DDL- Relentless, DD- Korlivalar 36 (BATS, flag), -6+2 (DDL-), -6 (DD-), -6 (12xAF)      
Arcturus ISC 60     YDN Tigerslayer, YCA War Wolf, YCL Swift Paw, YDD Slow Fang, YDD Quick Fang 40 (YDN, flagship), -9 (YCA), -7 (YCL), -5 (YDD), -6 (YDD), -6 (SC)      
Beta Naiobi ISC 70   BATS Rampart (all refits), 5x DefSat CAT Defender, Tug Quartermaster(P-SC,P-SC) 36 (BATS flag), -10 (CAT), -11 (Tug), -7 (Fed Orion DW Spectre)      Orion DW Spectre
Burala ISC 150   BATS Fastness (Romulan, all refits) and Cloak DN Stellar Unity, CL Starfall 42 (DN, flagship),  -8 (CL), -12 (BATS)      
Celaeno ISC 140   BATS Palisade (Y170&Y175 refits) DD Cerlen 36 (BATS flag), -6 (DD-)      
Golden Fang ISC 190   GMG, LCD Echelon of Righteousness (DNp Concordium(PT), CATp(LE) Liberator, CAp Executer, CAT- Chaosbreaker(LC,LMM), CLp Firebolt (LSO),SC Interrogator, LAS Trailblazer(LE) 42 (DNp, flagship), -10 (CAp), -10+1 (CATp), -10+2 (CAT-), -6 (LAS) CVAa+ Washington (12 F14A, 6 A20, 2 E2, MRS), NAC Harry Lee, DEA Hamilton, DEA Von Steuben, NSC+ Revere, FFG Montgomery(attack), F-S Long Hauler(in-system trading) Integrate with Coalition forces for Golden Fang defense. [CVA(42); 1 SGB(-1), 6 A20(-3), 11 F14(-8), NAC(-9), 2 DE(-12)], NSC(-9), 0 left.  1 F14, FFG, and F-S are out. NDN Vindicator, NCL Furious, CWS Prism, NDD Striker (disr)
Haddath ISC 50   BATS Fortress (all refits)  w/HPM,VIP, MSY CAT Triumph, CVF Paradise (4xFTFM, 7xFSFM, 1xFEFM), DEA Dasher, FFA Electron 36 (BATS, flagship), -10 (CAT), -8 (CVF), -6 (DEA), -5 (FFA) -6 (12 fighters)     Encounter: Terrain: Gas Giant w/Rings
Krooth ISC 50         CLC Jomini, DDG(L)+ Sadat, FFG Harwood, DAR Davout, DWS Russert (LSO) (attack) CLC(30); DDG(-8 leader), DAR (-12, escort), DWS(-7), 3 left.  FFG is out.   
Kynarth ISC 130   Derelict: 12x ISC Fighters(7SF, 4TF, 1EF) 3rd FF Squadron (FFL Ongoing Determination, FF Hypermass, FF Aurora), FA-S Thog's Watch (pick up derelict fighters)  15 (FFL, flag), -5 (FF), -5 (FF), -4 (FA-S)      
Kythanil ISC 50     7th FF Squadron (FFL Final Action, FF Asteroid(LN), FF Eclipse) 15 (FFL, flag), -5 (FF), -5 (FF)      
Lair ISC 130   YDK Wolf Den, BATS Haven(all refits) YCA Sun Wolf, YCL Proud Hunter, DD Cresent,  YDD Blood Fang 40 (YDK flag), -12 (BATS), -9 (YCA), -7 (YCL), -6 (DD), -5 (YDD)     Encounter: Minor Race: LDR: CC+ Freedom, DWL Commissar, DW Commune, DW Proletariat, SC Adjudication, FF Liberty, MP Defender
Mthura ISC 120   BATS Safehold(all refits) 5th DD Squadron (DDL Admirable, DD Enforcer,  DD Obloth) 36 (BATS, flag), -6 (DDL-), -6 (DD), -6 (DD)     Encounter: Monster:  Sunsnake
Nuture-6 ISC 100   OB-3 Outpost w/HPM, 2xRepair Pods Tug- Requisition, DWA Ward, DD Action(LN), DD Battler, CVE- Decree, FFA Barricade, 8xSF  32 (Tug-, flagship), -6 (CVE), -1(2 fighters), -7 (DWA)) -7 (OB), -6 (DD)., -5 (Tholian WYN FF). Also present: DD, FFA, 6 fighters FF Black Dragon (medium speed drones)   Encounter: Orion: CSV w/6x Kzinti LFS (OAKDISC).
Remus-2 ISC 50   BATS Garrison (all refits) BDD Outlaw 36 (BATS), -7 (BDD)      
Romulus ISC 150     CLp Fireball, DW Falcon, FA-L Haddath's Watch, Smokey 24 (CLp, flagship),  -7 (DW), -6 (FA-L)      
Sanctuary ISC 110   BATS Castle(all refits), MSY-3 2nd DD Squadron (DDL Audacious, DD Auspicious(LWO), DD Aloor Dol-Kaln), YCL Moon Barker  36 (BATS, flagship), -6 (DDL), -6 (DD-), -6 (DD-), 7 (YCL)      
Shaggai ISC 90   BATS Stronghold (all refits) w/PAM CS- Celestra, DDL- Champion, DD- Qnaab 36 (BATS flag), -8 (CS-), -8 (DDL-), -6 (DD)      
Shonhi ISC 90   BATS Watchtower(all refits), w/VIP CA Alpha Strike, SC Invective, FF Comet 36 (BATS flag), -10 (CA-), -6 (SC),-5 (FF)      
Thog ISC 20 Asteroids   DD- Blazer        
Thyoph ISC 130   BATS Barrier(all refits) DD- Hunter, DD- Rovillar 36 (BATS, flag), -6 (DD-), -6 (DD-), -1 penalty      
Vega ISC 200   OB-4 Battlement; 2x Tholian GBPT DN Indefatigable, CAT Prosperity, CL- Flamebolt, CVE- Edict, 6x AF, FFA Alert, FA-L Vega's Watch, FA-L Xoth's Watch 42 (DN flag), -10 (CAT), -8 (CL), -7 (OB), -6 (CVE), -(3) (6x AF), -5 (FFA).  Also present: 2 FA-Ls     F-AS (disr) Soylent Green (w/ SDS2)
Vhoorl ISC 90     CLF Swift Judgment, FF Quark 24 (CLF flag), -5 (FF)     Encounter:  Unusual: Time Warp
Xoth ISC 50   BATS Stonewall  (all refits) w/HPM,VIP, SSY DN Noble, DWS Snakeeye 42 (DN- flag), -12 (BATS),  -7 (DWS)      
Yith ISC 170   BATS Keep (all refits) w/PAM CL Fireblast,  HPL Deputy  36 (BATS flag), -8 (CL), -5 (HPL)      
Yuggoth ISC 50   BATS Barricade  (all refits) w/HPM,VIP,SSY CA Forum 36 (BATS, flag), -10 (CAp)     Encounter: Derelict: ISC CM
KLINGON Homeworld Klingon 150   BS (Y170 refit), PAM, 2xHBM [12xZ-1 fighters (12 Type-IM)], Large Shipyard, Medium Shipyard, 5xDefSat D5Ky Retaliator, Frax F-S Frayda, Frax F-S Francesca, 2xP-C BS (flag, 32) - 5xDefsat (5), 12xFighter (6), D5K (9), F-S (4), F-S (5). 3 FCR Remaining      
Aaborg Klingon 70     F6B Sefarian, F-ES Ghillie, F-S Bakurian Race, 2xGBDP  F6B (flag, 28) - F-S (4), F-S (5).  19 FCR Remaining      
Alfheim Klingon 140   GBDP Orion DBR Hellspawn (3xDisr-22, 2xDrn-A), Tholian DDS Steadfast DBR (flag, 24) - GBDP (1), DDS (6).  17 FCR Remaining      
Bakurian Klingon 50   BS, 3xP-C (Mothball), 1xP-R9 (Mothball), PAM, Small Shipyard FD5 Sunstormer, F5C Marauder, F5B Fury BS (flag, 32) - FD5 (9), F-5C (6), F5 (5).  12 FCR Remaining      
Ettinheim Klingon 110     Tholian CCH Protector (LC, LSO), Tholian NCA Conqueror, Kzinti SDW Death Eclipse, F-S Lost & Found, GBDP CCH (LC, 40 flag) - NCA (10), SDW (7), F5W (8), HDF (9), F-S (4).  2 FCR Remaining.      
Heorot Klingon 40 Asteroids Base Station (Y170 refit) w/1x P-R9 & PAM, BMB [6xZB-2 bombers (24xType-IM)] C8K Kang (6xType-IM, 6xType-IVM), D5Ky Raider, F5WL Vandal, F6B Sagitarii (4xType-IM, 4xType-IVM), F6B Psiloi (4xType-IM, 4xType-IVM), E7 Walkurian (LE) (Unsupplied), E7D Chasseur (Unsupplied), D5S Rapier (LSO) (unsupplied), Orion SAL+ Molotov Magic (2xHB) (Unsupplied), F5SB Dauntless (Unsupplied), SF+ Midnight Eye (Unsupplied) C8K (flag, 42) - BS (8), BMB (1), 3xZB-2 (3), D5K (9), F5WL (7), F6B (7), F6B (7). 0 FCR Remaining.  D5S, SAL, E7, E7D, F6B, F5SB, SF+, 3xBomber left out of battle line      
Hvalsoe Klingon 50   2xGBDP E6 Determined, FF+ Dragon's Claw, F-ES Voyageur E6 (flag, 20) - FF (5), F-S (4), 2xGBDP (2). 9 FCR Remaining    
Midgard Klingon/Tholian 170 Black Hole Tholian BS Imperial, HFM (w/6xSP-IV), 6 hexes of web (range 1 around base) TK5 Exile, Orion F-AS Amarillo Hauler (Disr Armed, w/ P-CE, SDS1 (Y175 refit, medium speed drones) BS (flagship, 32) - 6xSP-IV (3), TK5 (6), F-S (4), 6 Hexes of web (1.5). 17.5 FCR points remaining.     PSC Sniffs Garbage
Miklagard Klingon 160   3xGBDP FFG Outlander, E6 Adamant, Q-S Stonefish (LC, LSO) FFG (flag, 20) - 3xGBDP (3), E6 (5), F-S (4).  8 FCR Remaining.      
Remus-3 Klingon 50   2xGBDP D7L Demonslayer (2xType-IM, 2xType-IVM), CCH Victory II, CWP Magma, ATG Victorious II, Tholian NCL Courageous, Tholian PDW Aggressive D7L (flag, 38) - CCH (12), CWP (9), NCL (8), PDW (6), 2xGBDP (2).  1 FCR Remaining ATG left out of battle line      
Sefarian Klingon 50   BS, PAM, Small Shipyard, P-C (Mothball) F5C Glory (LWO), E4B Insolent, F5E Defender (5xType-IVM), F5SB Battle Hunter, F5GB Korth, F-S Halfdan (6xZ-Vs(medium speed drones), 4xZ-Ps), Vudar F-S Vargr, GMG BS (flag, 32) - F5C (6), F5S (5), F5G (5), E4 (4), F5E (11).  1 FCR Remaining.  2xF-S left out of battle line.      
Slidaria Klingon 80     CW Vengence, DWP Venerable [6xVudar PF], F-S Zorko Lifter, Frax F-S Fabrizia, MB CW (flag, 24) - DWP (7), 6xPF (6), F-S (4), F-S (5).  2 FCR Remaining      
Vudar Klingon 80 Rad Zone Base Station, 2xHBM (6 Z1, 6 Z2 [12xType-IM]), Medium Shipyard FW Vikrant, E6 Safeguard BS (flag, 32) - E6 (5), FW (6), 12xFighter (6). 15 FCR Remaining      
Walkurian Klingon 50   BS (Y170 refit), 2xHBM [4xZ-V (8xType-IM), 8xZ-P], 3xP-C (Mothball), PAM, Medium Shipyard D7C Dreadslayer (2xType-IVM), D6B Barbarous (LE), Vudar DW Volta, D7W Darkslayer (LC, LSO, Boom Only) (unsupplied), D5Ky Ravager (unsupplied), F5L Firestar (unsupplied), AuxPFT Millienium Pelican [2xH1, H1E (2xType-IM, 2xType-IVM)], E4A Sentinel (LC) (unsupplied)  D7C (flag, 38) - BS (8), D6B (9), D5K (9), DW (7), 3xH1 (3), 4xZ-V (2). 0 FCR Remaining. D7W-boom, F5L, E4A, F-S left out of the battle line.       
Wotunholm Klingon 60   BS Tholian DP Triumph of the Holdfast, Tholian CA Reprisal, Vudar DWL Soul Stealer, F6 Fearless, Orion DW Nazgul (Ion, 2xDisr-22), F5WK Doom Soldier, D5Ky Rikor (unsupplied), Orion SAL+ Warlock (2xDisr, Medium Speed Drones), F6S Capricornis (4xType-IVM) (unsupplied), FS Akira Maru (unsupplied), FS Two-Sixes (unsupplied), FS Mokuba (unsupplied) DP (flag, 40) - BS (8), CA (10), DWL (7), F6B (7), DW (7). 1 FCR Remaining.  D5K, SAL, F5W, F6S, and Freighters left out of the battle line.        
Yadera Klingon 80 Dust Cloud 2xGBDP Tholian DP Valor of the Holdfast (LWO), Tholian NCA Warspite, Tholian CA Endeavor II, F-S Cloud Nine, GBDP DP (flag, 40) - 2xGBDP (2), NCA (10), CA (11), F-S (4). 13 FCR Remaining.        
KZINTI Homeworld Klingon 150     B10AK Invincible (LD) [8x Z-V fighters], D6K Furious, D5C Renagade, D5K Rogue, D6SB Vigilant, AuxPFT-S Custom Free [3xH1,H1E (3xType-IM, 3xType-IVM)]  B10AK (flag, 38) - D5C (11), D5 (9), D6 (8), D6S (9), 1xH1 (1).  0 FCR Remaining. Z-Vs, AuxPFT, 2xH1, H1E left out of battle line.  BCbp+ (+1 CO, LMM, LD Out Crew) Ransacker, SR+ (P-PFT, +3 CO, LSO) Ranger, JGPu (4xSh, 2xTrac, +3 CO, LE LN) Frazikar,  NCA(LWO) DemonstarLDR CW (LE) Balefire (PF PFS)  Pel CA Prick  BCbp+ (+1 CO, LMM, LD Out Crew) Ransacker FCR+43  SR+ (P-PFT, +3 CO, LSO) Ranger(-10), JGPu (4xSh, 2xTrac, +3 CO, LE LN) Frazikar(-8),  NCA(LWO) Demonstar(-11) LDR CW (LE) Balefire(-9) (PF PFS)(-2) =40 FCR used Encounter: Derelict: Vudar DW
Colony-01 Klingon 50     BT7K Enfilade (LWO, 6xType-IVM, 6xType-IM), Tholian CA Fearless, Tholian TK5 Pariah, D5A Retainer (6xType-IVM), CD Trebuchet (6xType-IM, 6xType-IVM), E6 Korgal (LSO), Paravian CA Golden Eagle (NWOs: 2xShuttle, 2xTrans) (unsupplied), SF+ Powered Silence (Unsupplied) BTK (flag, 42) - CA (10), CD (11), D5A (9), TK5 (6), E6 (5). 1 FCR Remaining. Paravian CA, SF+ left out of battle line. BTpmu(BP) Sure Fire CC(LC, LMM, +1CO) Redeemer CWS Vigillante NCA Death DWbp+ Crusher 6 PF to COL 1 BTpmu(BP) Sure Fire FCR 43 CC(LC, LMM, +1CO) Redeemer(-12) CWS Vigillante(-9) NCA Death(-10) DWbp+ Crusher(-7) PFL 5 PF PFS(-5)  
Colony-02 Klingon 50         Pel DN+ Erogenous SR Starseeker lyr Dwbpu+ Battlehand LDR CWbu+(LN) CWL(George) CW(Gunther) SC+ Predators Eye FES Pel DN FCR 41 LDR Cwbu+ Pel CWL Pel CW Lyr SR+ for 37 used DN(Erogenous)
Colony-04 Klingon 160     DN Goliath (4xType-IVM) (5xDef Sats replacing drones in 1 Cargo Box) (unsupplied),  D6L Atropos (2xType-IVM) (unsupplied), D6P Tempest [6xG1B (2xmedium speed drones each)], D6DB Thunderchild (LSO, 12xType-IM, 6xType-IVM), D5P Roarer [6xG1 (4xmedium speed drones each)], C7 War (6xType-IM, 2xType-IVM), Orion DW Wraith (Ion, 2x Phot) (Unsupplied), E7 Velite (unsupplied), SDF Hot Conductor (8xType-IM, 8xType-IVM) (unsupplied), DD Pegasus (LE) (Unsupplied), SNB  Rubicon (LC) (Unsupplied), POL+ Peacemaker (Unsupplied), CVS Scimitar w/12x HAAS (Unsupplied), MEC Archer (Unsupplied), EFF+ Lancer (Unsupplied), F-AL Mighty Jack (unsupplied), CL Vudal (Unsupplied), ISC FF Aurora (Unsupplied) DN (Flag 43) - D5P (9), D6L (8), D6P (8), D6D (8), 6xG1B (6), 2xG1 (4). 0 FCR Remaining. All other ships  left out of the battle line, all unengaged ships unsupplied. DNbp(LD LSO Outstanding Crew +2 CO) Stained Axe(45 FCR) CC(+1 CO) Sorcerer(OCrew+LCaptain)(-12), Lyran CF Black Claw(-10) Pel SR psuedosee (-10) BT Clawed Provisioner(-13)=45 DNbp(LD LSO Outstanding Crew +2 CO) Stained Axe(45 FCR) CC(+1 CO) Sorcerer(OCrew+LCaptain)(-12), Lyran CF Black Claw(-10) Pel SR psuedosee (-10) BT Clawed Provisioner(-13)=45  -10 SR (psuedosee) plus lyran forces
Colony-08 Klingon 50              
LYRAN Homeworld Lyran 150   BATS (175), PAM, 2xHBM, Lg. Yard, Md. Yard, 5xDEFSAT, 12xZ-1 (I-M drns) CWL  Icefire BATTS   5 def(-7) CWL Icefire(-11) 12 Z-1 ftrs(-6)      
Black Claw Lyran 80 Heat Zone            
Black Stripe Lyran 90              
Blood Star Lyran 150 Var. Pulsar BATS (LWO) (175), PAM, PFM, HBM, 6xZ-1(I-M drns), 3xGBDP NTGu w/BP Xandarr Gorn CCF Slave Lizard PFL, 4 PF, PFS  NBT Xandarr (43) Batts LWO(-12) 3 GBDP(-3) NCA Death's Heart(-10) PFL 5 PF(-5) 6 Z-1(-3) 3 INT+INT Es(-5)       
Bloody Claw Lyran 140             12 (FF Odul)
Cat's End Lyran 170   BATS (175), PAM ORI: HR(SFF)  MR(PPFF) AR(PPPFF) DWS BATTs FCR 36 HR(SFF)(-8)  MR(PPFF)(-9) AR(PPPFF)(-10) DWS(-7) 4 Z-1 FTR(-2)      
Cat's Haven Lyran 70   BATS (175, +2 CO), PAM, HFM, 3xZ-H (I-M drns) PFM on Planet, 4xGBDP Gorn CCF Slave Lizard; PFL 4 PF PFS; Fed DD+        
Colony-03 Lyran 50              
Colony-05 Lyran 80   2xGBDP          
Colony-06 Lyran 80   BS(175) (LWO), PAM, PFM, HFM, 6xZ-H (M drns), Med. Yard 3xINT F-S LDR CW LDR CW(24) BS(-8) 6 Z-H(-3) 3 INTs(-3) 3 PFs(-3)      
Colony-07 Lyran 160   BS (175) LWO, PAM  Pel SC+ Oregon(-8) BS(LWO) FCR 32 Pel SC+(8)      
Colony-10 Lyran 20 Nebula 5X lyran Def Sats          
Colony-11 Lyran 50   BS(175), PAM Selt FF green meadow dawn Pel FF BS(32) Selt FF(-5) Pel FF(-6)      
Colony-12 Lyran 130              
Colony-13 Lyran 100   Lyran OB(not set-up)          
Dark Storm Lyran 130 Rad Zone BATS(175, +2 CO), PAM, PFM, HBM, 6xZ-1(I-M drns), 4xGBDP   FFK (8 pts. Drns) Slavecat BATS FCR36, 4xGBDP(-5), FFK(-5) 6 Z-1(-3)      
Doom Star Lyran 190 Comet  BATS (175), PAM, HBM, 2xCP, 6xZ-1(I-M drns), 6xGBDP        
Enemy's Blood Lyran 50   BATS (175), 3xP-C1, 1xP-R9, PAM, HBM, 5xZ-1(I-M drns) 2 GBDP4          
Far Stars Lyran 50   BATS (175), 3xP-C1, 1xP-R9, PAM, HFM, PFM, Med. Yard, 2xGBDP, 5xZ-H(I-M drns) F11 FES12 2 int BATTs  5 Z-H ftrs(-2.5) 2 INT      
Hades Lyran 100 Heat Zone BMB (6*SK-2), GWS, GBDP        
Helios Lyran 80   BATS(175), PAM, HBM, 5xZ-1(I-M drns), 2xGBDP 24 (CVP Irresponsible) - 6 (11x P-2, 1x P-2E) -5 (FFE Indecision) -5 (FFE Indifferent) = 8 remaining Batts (36) CVP+2 FFE+12 ftr (26) 2 GBDP4(-2) 5 Z-1 ftr(-5)     24 (CVP Irresponsible) - 6 (11x P-2, 1x P-2E) -5 (FFE Indecision) -5 (FFE Indifferent) = 8 remaining
Hidden Dagger Lyran 100   BATS(175), PAM, HBM, 6xZ-1(I-M drns) 4 GBDP, (2xGBDP cargo)  Lyran DWL Snakeflayer  Dragon Pel CC+ Pel CC+ FCR 37 Batt(12) GBDP(5)  Dragon(-15) 6 ftr(-3)      -7 (DW Heinlein) -12 (CC+ Neestler) -15 (Draco)
Ivory Lyran 110     DNbpm+ (+2 CO, LN) ThunderclawCRc+ (Drn B, 2xSS) Ronin NTGu (P-B) Gehenna,  DNbp+ (+2 CO, LN) Thunderclaw FCR 43 CRc+ (Drn B, 2xSS)(-8) Ronin NTGu (P-B) Gehenna(-12)      
Night Star Lyran 120   BATS (175), PAM, HBM, 6xZ-1 (I-M drns), 6xGBDP          
Pelt Hunters Lyran 50   MB(P-C PAM) GBDP4 GAL Galactica (16xST-2, 12xST-H, 2xST-E), F-AS Open Gravity Waves(30xST-2);  Selt Nest Farthest Nest, Selt DD Mountain of Misery, Selt FF Green Meadow Dawn+Fed FFG  Selt DD Rom K7B(LE) Selt SR INT F-S Rom F-S Selt FF green meadow sunset Rom BHB  NBT Big Cub LAS Guide PFL 5 PF NBT Big Cub FCR 43 GBDP4(-1) MB(-7) Rom BHB Selt D(x2)(-18) LAS(-7) PFL 5 PF(-5) Fed FFG(-5)      
Phaedra Lyran/Peladine 60             F-OL swiss
Plum Lyran 110     BCbpm+ (+1 CO) Blaze of Glory, CCm+ (+1 CO, LN) Death Bringer, Orion SALo+ (2xSS, +1 CO, LSO) Mercenary NCA White Gnave, PFL 4 PF PFS   BCbp+ (+1 CO) Blaze of Glory FCR 41 CC+ (+1 CO, LN) Death Bringer(-12) Orion SALo+ (2xC Rack, +1 CO, LSO)(-8) Mercenary NCA White Gnave(-10), PFL 4 PF PFS (-5) Pel DD(LN) Spitting Cat(-6)=41        
Predator Lyran 90   BATS(175), PAM, HBM, 6xZ-1 (I-M drns), 4xGBDP Selt CL River of Boiling Rage BH (LE) Nightwing, F-ES, F-AL(w/2xGBDP) Selt SR Rom CE SNB Hydran Monitor Umbrella  BATTS FCR 36 4 GBDP(-5) Monitor Umbrella(-10) BH (LE) Nightwing(-6) Sn B(-5) Selt CL River of Boiling Rage(-9)      
Red Claw Lyran 50   BATS (175), 3xP-C1, 1xP-R9, PAM, HBM, Sm. Yard , 6xZ-1(I-M drns), 4xGBDP DNM mp+ Excaliber CCHm Black leader PFL 4 PF PFS 2 Hyd FAS(Open Heat Zone, Open Nebula) Lyran F-S 21 FES, 22 DNM mp+ Excaliber FCR 43: BATTs(-12) CCHm Black leader(-13) 4 GBDP(-5) PFL 4 PF PFS(-5) 6 unsupplied ftr(-3) hydran FAS(-5)= 43      
White Stripe Lyran 90   BATS (175), PAM, HBM, 6xZ-1(I-M drns), Lg. Shipyard, 2xGBDP Wyn KE4 + 4 F-S Batts 2 GBDP(-2) 6 unsupplied Z-1(-3) Wyn KE4(-6) 4 F-S(-4)      
HYDRAN Homeworld Lyran 150   BS (Y170, HBM, HBM, PAM), 10xST-2, MSY, LSY, 5 DEFSAT (2xHB, 3xP2) MNR Monarch, IRQ Great Plains Hunter,  IRQ Sojourner (LE), DWS Watchwolf MNR Monarch 44 FCR: BS(HBM, HBM, PAM) (-8) MSY LSY 5 Defsat(2 HB 3 P2) (-5) IRQ Great Plains Hunter(-10) IRQ Sojourner Lengineer(-11) DWS Watchwolf(-7) 6 st 2(-3)=44 FCR Echelon of Peace (BBp Peacebringer(4 SF, 2TF), CATp Mediator, CATp Star Law, LAS Wayfinder) 43 (BBp, flagship),-10 (CATp), -11 (CATp), -12 Federation OK5, -6 LAS, -4 BB Penalty Orion OK6 Conquest (attack)
Altroth Lyran 50   BATS (Y170,Y175, HBM, HBM,PAM), 12xST-2, SSY IRC Power from Kindness(2 st-2)  BAR Munchhausen DDL+y Fertile (Peladine), DDS+ All Seeing Eye (LSO) FFLl Resist (Ju), FFl Revolt (Ju), FFl Remove (Ju) IRC Power from Kindness(2 st-2) FCR 39 Batts(HBM HBM PAM)(-12) SSY DDS+ All Seeing Eye(-6) Jumokians:FFLI Resist  FFl Revolt FFL Remove(-15) 12 st-2 =39 total      
Hisis Lyran 70   FGB-M (12 ST-2), GWS, GBDP          
Hydraxaport Lyran 160   BATS (Y170,Y175, HBM, HBM,PAM), 12xST-2, MSY          
PELADINE Homeworld Peladine 150   BS,PAM,LSY,MSY, 5XDEFSAT, 6xGBDP4(a-f)          
Colony-09 Peladine 180 Gas w/Rings KZ defsat x 5, MB BCE(Old Timer) 41  MB(7) 5 Def Sat(-5) CWL(11) CW(9) DW(LC) (7);  32 (CD+ Hennesey) -9 (CW Glenn) -9 (CWL Greg) DW (Endangerer (LC) See lyrans but: BCE 41 KZI Defsat(x5=-5) MB 7 CWL Greg -11 CW Glenn -9 DW Endangerer(LC) -8 DN Hegemony (4xType-IVM), D7C Doomslayer (2xType-IVM), E7 Tieralleur (Unsupplied), E7 Gladiator (Unsupplied), MSC Beholder (LSO, 2xType-IVM) DN (Flag 43) - D7C (12), E7 (10), E7 (10), MSC (9).  2 FCR Remaining.  
Delphia Peladine 50   BS,P-C,P-C,P-R, SSY, 5xDefsats,6xGBDP4(a-f)          
Delphia-8 Peladine 70   3xGBDP4(a-c-e) 3 moth          
Hasoon Peladine 100   FGB-M (12 ST-2), GWS, GBDP all hydran 37 (CC+ Oxlander) -8 (SR+ Dazzler) - 7 (DWC Fistioun)  -8 (DW Pathmaker(LN)) -5 (FFS Nubious) -5 (FF+ Dyversion)  See lyran but:   LNH-CS Klarion Wind(LC, LN) FCR 47:  Peladine CC+ Oxlander(-12)  (DW Pathmaker(LN-7)) SR+ Dazzler(-10) FgB_M GWS GBP4 (-3) DWS Eyes on the Stars vud(-7) 16 stinger 2 ftr(-8)
BBP Star of the Holdfast, CCH Vanguard (LC), CAP Harbinger, CAP Invincible, DDS Sentinel BBP (flagship, 38) - CCH (12), CA (10), CA (10), DDS (6). 0 FCR points remaining.   LNH-CS Klarion Wind(LC, LN)(6 St-2) FCR 47:  Peladine CC+ oxlander  (DW PathmakerLN) SR+ Dazzler GBDP4 GWS FG_M DWS Eyes on the Stars vud-7 16 stinger 2's
Hycomen Peladine 120         CB Bon Homme Richard, CLC Coyle, NCLa+ Defense, NCLa+ Warspite, CLD+ Bosnia, DDG+ Shaitan, Orion LRS Stink Eye, FFG John Paul Jones (attack) CB(38); NCL(-9), NCL(-10), CLD(-8), DDG(-6), Orion LRS(-5), 0 left.  CLC and FFG are out. TUG Grocery Cart ([PAM]) FAL Hidden Nova O-CA+ Reach Out and Touch(HHBB) PIG+ Packrat(3x st 2) Pel DWD
Nuture Peladine 50   BS,P-C,P-C,P-R,SSY,5xDefsats,3xGBDP4(a-f)(+3 moth ball) 42 (BB Pendemonium) CCH (Quantumunity) CWL Ikabar CW Dinkamarang SC (Nightfest w/LSO) DWA Screen 42(38) BB Pendemonium  CCH (Quantumunity)(-12) BS PC(X2)PR(-8) 5 Defsat(-5) 3 GBP4(-3) CW(-9) 2St-2=38 total Echelon of Justification (DN- Presidium, CA- Advantageous, CM- Thunderball, DDL Defiance, LAS Pathfinder), DDL- Altara 42 (DN-, flagship), -10 (CA-), -8 (CM-), -6+2 (DDL), -6+4 (DDL-), -6 (LAS). LNH-CS Shwerkrutz (2xST-2, PT, LD), O-LRS+ Poke'm in the Eye
Nuture-2 Peladine 140   6xGBDP4 DWS quagmire F-S 6 Ground bases DWS quagmire F-S      
Nuture-2.4 Peladine 130              
Nuture 2.6 Peladine 70            
Orion Peladine 50   BS,P-C,P-C,P-R,SSY,5xDefsats,3xGBDP4(a-f)(+3 Mothball)         Encounter:  Seltorian: CL River of Churning Foam
Orion-11 Peladine 100 Gas w/Rings 3xGBDP4(+3 mothball)         Encounter:  Unusual: Catastrophic: Flare or Nova causes RP loss
Orion-6 Peladine 170   3xGBDP4(+3 mothball) BC Redonculous  SC Nole(-8)  CF Managerie(-10) NCA Reprisal(-11)  Tug(1 x Pod D) Flagrant UH BC Redonculous FCR 40 SC Nole(-8)  CF Managerie(-10) NCA Reprisal(-11) 3 GBDP4(-3) 10 st-2 + 4 st-H=40     UH+2 EH, Selt CL, hyd freighter lyran SC lighthouse(LN) Selt SR Selt CL
Orion-6.10 Peladine 110   3xGBDP4(+3 mothball) Selt SR Hydran FCR EH(x2) SC 3 gbdp4(-3) Selt SR(32) 3 GBDP(-3) FCR(-5) SC(-6)        
Orion-6.11 Peladine 90   3xGBDP4(+3 mothball)          
Spray Peladine 160   6x GBDP, 1xGWS         Encounter: Unusual: Alien Ruins - RP Bonus 
THOLIAN Homeworld Tholian 150   Base Station Impervious (Y170 refit), PAM, 2xHBM (6xS-I, 6 SP-IIP), Large Shipyard, Medium Shipyard, 1xGBDP, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around BS) DD Maze, DD Division II BS (flagship, 32) - 12xFighters (6), 1xGround Base (1), 6 Hexes of Web (1.5), DD (6), DD (7). 10.5 FCR points remaining.       
Adarak Tholian 50   Base Station Insolent (no refit), 2xHBM (12xSP-III), Small Shipyard, 3xGBDP, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around BS) ATG Tenacious, F-AS Jupiter (w/SDS2, P-C) BS (flagship, 32) - 12xFighters (6), ATG (10), F-AS (4), 3 Ground Base (3), 6 hexes of web (1.5). 7.5 FCR points remaining.      Encounter: Andromedan: INT w/2x COB, EEL
Aggrex Tholian 50   BS Indomitable, Small Shipyard (Mothballed), 3xGBDP, 5xDefSats, 12 hexes of web (range 2 around planet) CW Quartex BS (flagship, 32) - CW (9), 3xGBDP (3), 5xDefSat (5), 12xHexes of Web (3). 12 FCR points remaining.       
Akkrev Tholian 50   BS Indefatiguable (Y170 refit), PAM, HBM (6xSP-III), WYN Small Shipyard, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around BS) WYN ZFFy Dance Into The Fire (6xMedium Speed Drones, 1xZ-Y (medium speed drones)), F-S Samantha BS (flagship, 32) - 6xSP-III (3), FF (5), F-S (4), 6xHexes of Web (1.5). 17.5 FCR points remaining.       
Bellatrix Tholian 150   BS, 2xGBDP, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around BS) LD5B Ancient Fire, LAC Gallant Endeavor BS (Flagship, 32) - LD5 (8), LAC (6), 2xGBDP (2), 6xHexes of Web (14.5). 0 FCR points remaining      
Benetnash Tholian 80   Base Station Invulnerable (Y170 refit), PAM, HBM (6xSP-III), 6 hexes of web (range 1 around base) WYN KE4y Justice Denied (7xMedium Speed Drones), NDD Fighter (disr)  BS (flagship, 32) - 6xSP-III (3), FF (5), DD (6), 6xHexes of Web (1.5).  16.5 FCR points remaining.      Encounter: Trobrin CA, FFS
Betelgeuse Tholian 100   BS Impenetrable, 3xGBDP, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around BS) MON(P) Bastion BS (flagship, 32) - MON (10), 3xGround Base (3), 6xHexes of Web (1.5).  17.5 FCR points remaining.      
Canopus Tholian 70 Rad Zone BS Incendiary, 3xGBDP, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around base) LMON Centurion (LSO) w/FTR Pallet (12xSP-III) BS (flagship, 32) - LMON (6), 12xFighters (6), 3 Ground Base (3), 6xHexes of Web (1.5). 15.5 FCR points remaining.      
Capella Tholian 60   BS Insufferable (Y170 refit), 2xHBM (1xSP-IIP, 1xSP-III), 6 hexes of web (range 1 around BS) CW Vortex BS (flagship, 32) - CW (9), 1xSP-I (0.5), 1xSP-II (0.5), 6xHexes of Web (1.5).  20.5 FCR points remaining.        
Cryos Tholian 160     DP Guardian of the Holdfast, CA Formidable, ATG Audacious (w/ SP), FF(L) Black Watch (medium speed drones), FF Black Knight (medium speed drones), WYN FF Black Sword (medium speed drones) DP (flagship, 40) - CA (10), ATG (11), FFL (5), FF (5), FF (5). 4 FCR points remaining.        
Deneb Tholian 40   BS, 3xGBDP, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around base) WYN TDD Fortress (1xA-10), WYN AxBC Jean Marie (2xPhot, 2xDisr-22, Medium Speed Drones), NFF Defiant (disr) BS (flagship, 32) - AxBC (10), TDD (6), NFF (5), 3 Ground Base (3), 6 Hexes of Web (1.5). 6.5 FCR points remaining.       
Fomalhaut Tholian 90   BS Implacable, 3xGBDP, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around BS) DBR Long John Dilithium (2xIon Cannon, 3xPl-F), LMON Guard, F-S Cocherheim  BS (flagship, 32) - DBR (6), LMON (7), 3xGround Base (3), 6xHexes of Web (1.5), F-S (4).  10.5 FCR points remaining.       
Gift Tholian 90   BS Infernal, PAM, PFM, 6xPFs, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around base) CAP Gladiator II, NCA Avenger,NCL Valiant, PCW Golden Raptor  CAP (flagship, 32) - BS (8), PCW (9), NCL (9), 4xPFs, 6 Hexes of Web (1.5). 0.5 FCR points remaining.  NCA and 2xPFs left out of battle line.      
Iconia Tholian 90 Wormhole OB, 3xGBDP, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around base) CCP Warrior, TK5(L) Outcast, LMON Phalanx (FTR Pallet w/ 6xSP-III, 6xSP-II), Fed DD+(LE) Thurmost  CCP (flagship, 37) - OB (7), TK5(L) (6), LMON (6), Fed DD (6), 12xFighters (6), 3xGBDP (3), 6xhexes of web (1.5). 1.5 FCR points remaining.   CC Stellar Harmony, YF-S Ol Yeller to Iconia Encounter: Monster: Space Dragons: 1x Ancient, 2x Old NCA Phoenix, DD+ Thurmost (LE)
Paravia Tholian 170   BS Insatiable, 4xGBDP, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around base) MON Citadel (FTR Pallet w/ 8xSP-I, 4xSP-II) BS (Flagship, 32) - MON(10), 12xFighters (3), 4xGBDP (5), 6xHexes of Web (1.5). 12.5 FCR points remaining     Encounter: Derelict: Paravian CW
Pollux Tholian 60   BS, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around base), 2xGBDP CCH Challenger (LWO), ATG Relentless, Orion F-AS Rum Runner (Drone (w/Medium Speed Drones)) CCH (flagship, 37) - BS (8), ATG (10), F-S (4), 6 hexes of web (1.5). 13.5 FCR points remaining      
Proxima Tholian 110 Heat Zone BS (w/ 2xHBM (10xA-10, 1xZ-V, 1xF-8)), Small Shipyard, 2xGBPT.  11xF-8 in mothballs at BS. LDD Protector (shield, K, UIM, Y175 refits; 1xA-10), AxC(L) Katherine (4xdisr-22), AxC Alexandra (4xdisr-22), AxC Elizabeth (4xdisr-22) LDD (flagship, 40) - BS (8),  11xA-10 (5.5), 1xZ-V (.5), 1xF-8 (1), AxC (5), AxC (5), AxC (5), 2xGBPT (2). 8 FCR points remaining.       
Regulus Tholian 90   BS Impregnable II, 6 hexes of web (range 1 around base) ATG Dauntless (w/BP) Fed BB (flagship, 38) - BS (8), 6 Hexes of Web (1.5), ATG w/BP (12), 6xF-15 (3), DDG (6). 7.5 FCR points remaining.      BB Ares (6 F15), DDG+ Ahriman  
Remus-1 Tholian 50   3xGBDP, Medium Shipyard, 12 hexes of web (range 2 around planet) ATG Staunch, DD(L) Triax, , NDD Battler (disr), LWT Resistance ATG (flagship, 32) - DD(L) (6), LWT (6), NDD (6), 3xGBDP (3), 12xHexes of Web (3). 8 FCR points remaining.        
Tarus Tholian 180   BS Devil's Den, 1xHBM (w/ 4xZ-V (medium speed drones)), 1xPFM (w/2xBRG Interceptor (Pl-F (swivel), Ph-1), BUC (2xPl-F (swivel), Ph-1), BUC (Ion, 2xDrn-A (Medium Speed Drones))), Medium Shipyard BC Jolly Roger (2xIon Cannon, 2xPhoton, Medium Speed Drones), DCR Iron Maiden (2xIon Cannon, 2xPh-G), BR Gossamer Phoenix II (1xSFG, 3xPl-F) BC (flagship, 36) - BS (8), DCR (10), BR (9), Gorn LR (5), 2xPF (2), 2xINT (2). 0 FCR point remaining.       O-DBR Asplund
Vorta Vor Tholian 190   BS Inflexible II (Y170 refit), PAM, HBM (w/6xSP-III), 6 hexes of web (range 1 around base) TK5 Wanderer BS (flagship, 32) - 6xSP-III (3), TK5 (6), 6xHexes of Web (1.5). 17.5 FCR points remaining.       
INTERCEPT! Golden Fang/Predator       IRQ Headhunter(2xST-2),  KVL(LWO LMM) KE(LE), RGC (+2 CO) Demophilus. FHK Allegiance, WE(LE)  KVL(LWO) (41) KE(LE) (-12) FHK(-10)RGC(+2 CO)(-10) WEp (LE)(-8) DNL Star Lion, CSa+ Titan, NCLa+ Valiant, NLFa+ San Martin, EEL Barbrady(LSO),  CLD+ Gran Chaco to Predator (attack)  DNL(38); CS(-10), NCL(-9), NLF(-10), EEL(-6), 3 left.  CLD left out.    
INTERCEPT! Golden Fang/Pelt Hunters       GAL Galactica (16xST-2, 12xST-H, 2xST-E), Rom CON+ Senator(LC)  GAL(ftrs) APFT  Selt CA Flyer Selt Lyr DW Red Claw PFL 3 PF PFS  Lyran CWH New Beginnings Rom CON+ Senator(LC) FCR 45 Lyran DW(-7) Lyran CWH New Beginnings 1(-10)  Selt CA Flyer(-11) APFT (-6)PFL 3 PF PFS(-4) 13 Ftrs(9 st-2 4 st-H)= 45 DP Shield of the Holdfast, CA Glorious, Fed DDF Two Moons, ISC CAT Constable, ISC-Lyran NTG Golden Bounty (w/Pal-S) DP (flagship, 40) - CA (10), CA (11), NTG (12), DDF (6).  1 FCR Remaining.   DDF+ Two Moons (attack) CAT Constable, NTG Golden Bounty(Pal-S)
INTERCEPT! Blue/Cat's Haven       BCbp+ (+1 CO) Nemesis Andro Gunboat, Andro CS STLThunderfang  Dwbup+(LWO) Rending Jaws DWS Black Lite DWL Kzin Slayer PFL 5 PF to Blue STLmThunderfang FCR 43 BCbpm+ (+1 CO) Nemesis(-12) Andro Gunboat(-5)  Dwbup+(LWO) Rending Jaws DWS Black Lite DWL Kzin Slayer(-21) PFL 5 PF(-5) total 43 DNH Thunder Dragon(42), BDV Aurex(-7) w/3x G-18(-1.5),  BDL+ Thorn (LD)(-7), BDS+ Oeil Vert(-7), BDD+ Jaws(-7), BDA Charlie(-7)  DNH Thunder Dragon(42), BDV Aurex(-7) w/3x G-18(-1.5),  BDL+ Thorn (LD)(-7), BDS+ Oeil Vert(-7), BDD+ Jaws(-7), BDA Charlie(-7) = FCR 36.5      
INTERCEPT! Pearl/Ivory        BB Red Claw Sword 42(38) NSRuw/ PFT(+1 CO) PFL 5 PF(-15) DWLbup Slammer DWbup Grey (LWO) DWbup Star Scourge(-21) Lyran CWH New Beginnings 2 BCbp+ Djin of the Desert(LWO +1 CO)  all to Pearl  BB Red Claw Sword 42(38) NSRuw/ PFT(+1 CO) PFL 5 PF(-15)  Lyran CWH New Beginnings 2(-11) BCbp+ Djin of the Desert(LWO +1 CO) (-12)  DNH Gigan(42), BC Dragonbane, CS Death Dealer, BDS+, Black Vigil(LE), CLF Thunderchild, LRS Ghastly Eyes DNH Gigan(42), BC Dragonbane(-10), CS Death Dealer(-11), BDS+, Black Vigil(LE)(-7), CLF Thunderchild(-8), LRS Ghastly Eyes(plasma F)(-5) = 41 total  
INTERCEPT! Golden Fang/Orion-6.10       UH+2 EH + ftrs(just subbing ftrs in) Attack force Pel BC(41) Pel NCA(-10) Pel Tug+drone Pod(-8) Selt CL(-9) SC lighthouse(LN)(-6) 14 ftrs(-8) Attack force Pel BC(41) Pel NCA(-10) Pel Tug+drone Pod(-8) Selt CL(-9) SC lighthouse(LN)(-6) 14 ftrs(-8) Lyran STL Firestalker w/4xPFs, CA Nemesis, CA Repulse (LMM, LN), CW Helix, CWS Stalwart STL (flagship, 43) - CA (10), CA (11), CW (9), CWS (10), 3xPF (3).  0 FCR Remaining.  1 PF left out of the battle line.