Latest Update: 19 August 2013


Cadet Ships: This is a project I worked on during the first days of 2002.  It is a collection of alternate ships to use with the Cadet Training Handbook.  The Cadet ships are incredibly simplistic, but they do make it possible to play truly gigantic games in a very short period of time.


THE "DOOM" SERIES: A collection of ships based on the Doomslayer from Captain’s Log 3.


THE "LOOKING GLASS" ALPHA SECTOR: I got involved in a conversation on the SFB BBS about an “alternate reality manual” for the Prime Directive Game.  The concept called for a radically different geopolitical structure that relied on existing races for the most part, to reflect an alternate reality that might have been.  I might eventually develop this concept further, but for now I wanted to post the map – it should give a pretty good idea of where the concept was headed.


THE DESRON COMMODORE'S TOURNAMENT: The goal of this project was to come up with three-ship destroyer squadrons (close to 300 BPV) and adjust them for unsanctioned tournament style play.  Unfortunately, I have not had an opportunity to test this concept.  Having though about this concept some more, it might be necessary to do special SSDs for these squadrons to make this work. 


Super Heavy Cruisers…One Man's View: A paper I put together on what has become one of the more perplexing topics in SFB…"What is a Super-Heavy Cruiser?"  This paper has spawned a number of my own designs over in The Shipyard.  It remains to be seen what path ADB may ultimately take with regard to Super-Heavies in SFB.


I’d really appreciate any comments you have on any of these.  They are in various states of completeness and still need work in many cases.  Drop me an e-mail if you have any thoughts.